Coral & Lace <3


Hello 🙂 Happy Tuesday Everyone! Hope all of you are having a great week so far! ❤

I’m beyond thrilled to share with all of you the outfit I wore for Father’s Day. This look is all about coral & lace. I truly think coral is a perfect color for the summer. It shows off your tan perfectly, which is always a plus. Coral is certainly a color of choice for spring/summer fashion. It’s a color that’s full of life. And who doesn’t love lace – especially on a pair of shorts! Lace is very feminine & has a romantic feel to it. Lace is versatile, it also can easily make a transition from a day time to night time look. It’s a timeless piece which can be used as an overall look or simply just as an accent.

This fun & flirty outfit would be perfect for a date with a special guy or just going out with your girls to go shopping or to grab some drinks. If you want to make the look more casual then you can always wear sandals or flats as well. I personally think wedges look amazing! 🙂 The greatest part about this whole look is that it’s inexpensive! Everyone needs to remember that you don’t need to buy high end clothing to look good. If you have great fashion sense you can put together an amazing outfit by just buying from stores like Zara, H&M, Forever 21, Express, Necessary Clothing, TopShop, Nasty Gal, etc. Don’t have the mindset that if you spend more money on an article of clothing, it must be better because that’s not true.

Enjoy my pictures!










Tank top- H&M / Lace shorts- H&M / Purse- Forever21 / Wedges- Steve Madden / Sunglasses- Ray Bans / Watch – Michael Kors Rose Gold Oversized / Bracelet – Vince Camuto

A special thanks to Jack Obrycki Photography! ❤

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you all enjoyed my post! Remember to leave me comments & let me know what you think! Have a wonderful week!

Adrianna xoxo



  1. I really like this one. Do you know I actually don’t own anything coral yet! I think its about time. Its a lovely refreshing and warm color. Yes it totally flattens your natural tan. I am fair and tan overtime in the summertime but still wear all kind of colours as I just love them and your right.. Its not what you wear.. Its how you wear it.. I love this.. This is true just like I said so too.. A form of deep great creativity, self-expression. There is a big difference. And its a great feeling actually. I love it. Thanks for the tips on what to wear with and how to style it up and telling us where we can purchase such items. I agree. I also use these shops. Here I like also river island miss Selfridge and top shop and Zara also in my high street. And the greatness of it they sell all kinds of different types and styles of clothing which is awesome as we are each individual! Online there are I love it and missguided and many more like you named also.. And random unbelievably inexpensive online boutiques and sales etc. Fabulous. I look anywhere. Its all inside what shines out. You’re right. And not following fashion but being your own fashion and styling it. Brilliant. This page is seriously coming on. This is my favorite post so far. Its super professional looking. The photos especially the first looking over the new York skyline the image is totally compelling and creative. Very artistic. I love it so much. You’re a lovely individual babe. And I always wish you the very best and will be alongside you on this intriguing new journey unraveling. Its going to be glorious! You’ve got it inside! Loves. 🙂 xoxox.

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    1. This is my favorite post as well (At least for now) 😉 You should def get an article of clothing that has some coral in it, whether it’s a top, a dress, shorts, or a skirt. It’s a color that flatters an individual. & yes that is 100% true- It’s not what you wear, its how you wear it. I think it’s amazing that each person has their own sense of self-expression with clothes. Some people aren’t that good with it & that’s why they look up to individuals that know about fashion. Yeah there are multiple clothing stores that you can purchase clothes from & they aren’t overly priced. Thank you so much, I’m glad it’s coming out to look great! I like that picture as well. 🙂 xoxo


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