Nudes, Pastels, and Pretty Pinks <3


Happy Hump Day Everyone! 🙂 It’s all downhill from here, the weekend is soo close! Are you all excited for the Fourth of July Weekend because I know I am! This long weekend will give me more time to enjoy myself with my boyfriend & family and just relax. The beach will be a must, I need some more color. I’m used to being very tan & because of the weather this summer I’m still pale. That has to change! Well I hope you all have great plans for the weekend!

Today’s look is all about neutrals and pastels. I love this color palette and could wear it everyday. Everyone’s been going crazy for nudes, pastels, & pretty pinks.  Some may think it’s boring, but I love how feminine, chic, elegant, classy and delicate it looks. These colors will go with almost everything.  Designer Pamella Roland stated during  New York Fashion Week that Nudes are a group of elegant shades, but there are a lot of specific shades.”  “I can’t describe a single specific color for nude.” She considers nude to be a range of shades, and loves working with the palette. “Colors are loud. Nudes are a soft whisper — a sexy and elegant whisper. Nude allows a woman to wear her dress instead of the dress wearing her. It’s very elegant.” I couldn’t have explained it better myself. The nudes, pastels, and pretty pinks are a refreshing and chic option in comparison to the sexy all black look. I think it’s good to change it up from time to time.

Enjoy! ♥ 🙂








Long hair, don’t care. 🙂


Top – Forever 21 / Pants – Aerie / Purse – Tory Burch / Wedges – Aldo / Watch – Citizen / Bracelet – Michael Kors / Necklace – Forever 21

A special thanks to my baby for the beautiful pictures! ♥

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Adrianna ♥ xoxo



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