Floral <3

So as most of you know I have become a The Style Club Ambassador. Today’s outfit is a Floral Dress from their website! I absolutely love it. The floral pattern looks amazing and the colors are very vibrant. It fits very well and the lightweight material makes it super comfortable – you can barely feel it on. I love that the back of the dress is so open – gives it a sexy look. The halter cut of the dress is great. Halter dresses are very fashionable and a summer must have in your closet. Halter dresses are stylish, chic and sexy yet classy. While wearing a halter dress remember a few things, make sure to avoid heavy necklaces, keep it simple with a thin necklace like I am wearing in my pictures. You don’t want to over do it. Next, remember to pay attention to the type of bra you wear. Since you are baring your back you should avoid bras with straps. Your best options are wearing a strapless bra, going completely bra-less, or buying those self adhesive strapless bras/silicone petal nipple covers. And lastly, go for the right fit. You don’t want it fitting you too tight or too big. Find a happy medium – it’s supposed to fit your body perfectly. Now once you add a new halter dress to your closet you’ll be able to enjoy all the compliments that will be coming your way!














Dress – The Style Club / Purse – Forever 21 / Heels – BCBG

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Thank you for the beautiful pictures baby! ♥♥♥

Adrianna ♥ cure4fashion


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