Did you ever meet someone and wish there were more people like that in our world? Because I did. His name is Joseph Amissah. He is such a kind and caring person. This man is really trying to do some good in our world. He’s setting a huge example for all of us. He’s showing everyone that our lives are meant for living, we must love, share, be good to one another, be positive, be respectful, be happy. We have to be able to focus on someone other than ourselves. We have to help others out, be kind, generous and show off our smile to the world to keep passing it on. Those actions can bring happiness and hope to people’s lives. His campaign #StyleEntry is really making a difference all over the world. #StyleEntry…because it’s cool to give. There’s truly an important message behind it. It’s showing us that it’s important for us to always be the very best we can be so we can inspire others around us to do the same in return and help those that are less fortunate. The whole message behind this is about GIVING not receiving. Joseph often mentions that “we are all quick to receive & forget to place the merits of “giving”, equal importance in our lives.” Which sadly, is true. That’s something that many of us have to work and improve on. Of course it’s amazing when you receive something special from someone but doesn’t it feel that much better when you give something to someone and you see the expression on their face? You have the ability to make that person smile, make them happy, and make them feel good. It’s the little things that count. #StyleEntry is a movement and I want more people to know about it and be aware. This positive message should be spread all over the world. All of us need to stop being so negative toward each other. Like Joseph has stated “Any kind of negativity is like cancer. It serves no purpose but to destroy.”

This is exactly why we should all want to BE JUST LIKE JOSEPH.

Here’s a quick interview with Joseph himself! Enjoy! 🙂

1) What is Style Entry and what is the inspiration behind it? 
“#StyleEntry” is a fashion/style based platform with the purpose of making people aware of the importance of spreading positivity and motivating others to reach their true potential. Especially when it comes to helping individuals that are less fortunate. This can simply be done by giving your time & consideration. Inspiration came from my personal instagram account, large following and keen interest in fashion/style. To get my message of spreading goodwill across to everyone I wanted to use a unique approach to catch the attention of my followers.
2) What are your main goals and achievements with Style Entry? 
My main goals with #StyleEntry are to increase the awareness of the message behind the tshirts on an international platform and to set up #StyleEntry with major high-end fashion labels to encourage them to design a limited number of “I want to be just like… Joseph” shirts which will be sold and 100% of the proceeds will be distributed to numerous international children’s charities/ orphanages.
The achievements would have to be the amount of people that are requesting the shirts on a daily basis from the start of this campaign. 
3) How do you see #StyleEntry progressing in the future? Is there any room for expansion aside from t-shirts?
#StyleEntry has tremendous potential for continued growth. The statement t-shirts will still remain and be distributed to the growing community of followers. My decision is that the shirts will always be given away for free, they will NEVER be sold. The main message behind the brand is to encourage the art of giving which is why the tag line for the brand is “#StyleEntry – because its cool to give”, and I believe firmly in leading by example. Each shirt is made to order then sent to the individual that ordered it. I personally cover all costs of production and shipping. I have also purchased the entire stock of NU POP watches, designed by award winning Grammy artist Jermaine Dupri, and those are also being given away for free. Also, I have designed a very limited number of Nike sneakers which have the “#StyleEntry” logo on them. These may also go into a larger production, to also be given away for free and increase the awareness around the world of #StyleEntry. My focus is to set up the brand with any corporation that is happy to take on the message of spreading positivity through its products or services, and association with #StyleEntry.
4) What/who are your main target audience & why? 
#StyleEntry has no restrictions when it comes to age, sex, age, race or nationality – it’s open to all. I distributed the shirts to anyone who requests them. It doesn’t matter where they live. I’ve noticed that the shirts are requested more by the females than males. I do not discriminate and I hope that with time it will balance out. 
5) How do you think Style Entry affects those on the receiving end of the merchandise? 
I believe that the merchandise affects individuals in a very positive manner. People are brought up to believe “nothing is for free” and that could be said about what I’m doing but the main difference here is that all I want in return is for everyone to understand that if I’m able to go out of my way and give my energy, time and money to strangers in the hope for them to see things as I do. That way they will be able to do the same with whatever they have to offer. Even if that means they are only able to give their time. Time in fact, is more valuable than money. I see the results of this movement when people leave comments under the pictures they post of them wearing their shirts. This is truly living proof that this message is really getting across to them and being heard throughout their social networks.
6) If you could give one piece of advice to readers, what would it be? 
This is a very easy question for me to answer. Simply I would say “Be the very best that you can be… and inspire others through your actions”.



Hope you all enjoyed this post! I truly feel that we all need to hear about good people in our world so it motivates us to be better and do better!

Leave some comments & let me know what you think!

Adrianna ♥ cure4fashion

instagram → cure4fashion

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