Women and Class



I don’t know about all of you but I for sure am tired of seeing girls constantly talk about wanting/getting respect from guys meanwhile half of them don’t even respect themselves. How do you expect someone else to do it when you can’t? Let’s get it together ladies. Most of the girls that are complaining about not finding a good man are the ones that are on Facebook/instagram with barely any clothes on, acting like airheads, and so on.

If you’re complaining about always ending up with the same type of guy perhaps you should start looking in different places –  because clearly something you are doing is wrong. Instead of constantly trying to find a guy “in da club” or through social networking, try to broaden your horizons girl. How about you try going to a lounge or restaurant with your friends. Every time you go out you don’t need to end the night with getting a guy’s number. I’ve learned from personal experience that when you least expect it, someone will step into your life and sweep you off your feet. You can’t force things to happen. Everything happens for a reason, let it be.

“Class” has completely gone out the window with most women. Most of them can’t grasp the fact that “less is not more”. You want to be taken seriously by a guy and you want him to respect you? Then leave the club attire at home ladies! It’s about looking sexy, NOT TRASHY. There’s no need to be half naked. Have some self respect & leave something to the imagination. Also, some women believe that the whole point of “class” is based on the amount of money you spent on your outfit or accessories. And that’s where they are wrong. It has nothing to do with the price tag. ATTENTION: Just because you own Christian Louboutins does not mean you are automatically classy OR better than the next person! Get that through your head! I’m not sure who told you that but it’s a lie! REAL CLASS is determined based on how you carry yourself, how you express yourself, how you live your life, how you treat others, how you interact with others, your demeanor and having admirable personal qualities. None of it has to do with the kind of car you drive, what kind of clothes you wear or where you live! We have to remember that looks won’t last forever – eventually that fades, we also have to rely on our personalities to get us forward in life.

Some day some of you will take a look in the mirror and wonder why a girl like you is still single. You’ll wonder why no one saw your inner beauty. Unfortunately the answer is simple – you were too busy showing off your barely covered body on instagram/Facebook, partying non-stop, drinking too much, acting like a slut, acting like a air head, flirting with every man that gives you a tiny bit of attention, and so forth. All that only lasts for so long. Yes of course men like that type of women – someone who is beautiful, has a hot body, likes to party, is promiscuous, etc. But haven’t you noticed that most of them get bored of that after a while. That’s not the type of women they will most likely bring home to their family, or marry/start a family with or the type of women they can actually have and hold a conversation with.  Ladies, we need to remember the saying “A lady in the streets and a freak in the bed”. I completely support the whole idea, whatever I do with my man behind closed doors is our business, I don’t need to broadcast my sexual side on social media. Being alluring is a turn-on for a man. Remember that the classy women are just as fun but they just know how to carry themselves without giving away too much.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that women need to stop with the twerking and become classy again. There’s nothing wrong with having fun and being seductive and sexy just know how to carry yourself. Men will always be giving you attention just realize who’s attention is worth it. It’s not a competition. Be beautiful on the inside and outside. Have some self-respect and then others will also have respect towards you. If you want a good guy, treat him right, be yourself and show him there is more to you then just your looks.


Sorry for the rant everyone, just felt like it needed to be said.


Adrianna ♥ cure4fashion

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  1. Agree, agree, and agree! Everything is very true, loved reading this. And I’m so glad you brought the point about how class shouldn’t be confused with income. The best thing my mother ever said that if you can manage to pull the hottest guy in the room by barely showing any skin at all, that’s when you KNOW you’re a stunner 😉

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    1. Exactly, that’s what its all about. Your mom is 100% right.
      I just hate hearing the same thing over and over meanwhile they don’t do anything to change it. Take a good look in the mirror & realize what you are doing. I’m just trying to raise awareness to it so many girls can stop crying about not getting respect or not being able to find a good guy or a guy that wants more than sex. What do you expect when that’s what you give off to the outside world.


  2. While I agree with not looking for your soul mate in a sweaty club, and that your shoes price tag has little to do with how classy you are, I completely disagree with this article. I don’t think you realize what ’empowering’ other women actually means. That means not attacking them for posting pictures they like on Instagram, clothed or not. My question to you is how do you expect men to accept the choices of women in society, if other women aren’t supporting them also. Bottom line is, clothes have nothing to do with class. And shaming women for how they dress isn’t classy at all.


    1. This post is not about empowering women. It’s a rant about how I’m tried of listening to girls complain about how men don’t respect them meanwhile they don’t even know how to respect themselves. How do you expect someone to respect you when you degrade yourself? Start by having some class and maybe your outcome will be different. Posting half naked pictures on instagram is clearly a cry for attention. They think that’s going to make a guy interested in them, no it’ll make him interested in banging you and then the fun is over. I don’t support women that feel the need to seek attention like that & I’m not attacking anyone just stating my personal opinion. I’m all for empowering women, I will support a women that has class, has values and morals, knows how to carry herself, takes care of herself and doesn’t rely on someone else to do it, knows what’s right from wrong, is successful and works hard, doesn’t expect the man to support her, doesn’t have to dress half naked to get attention, etc. And I know that clothes have nothing to do with class, that’s why I explained that in my rant but the thing is most girls don’t know that.


      1. Showing skin or dressing up to go to a club isn’t degrading. Being sexual, isn’t degrading. Being proud of who are, and making that public, isn’t degrading. Just having sex, isn’t degrading. Having a meaningful relationship isn’t degrading either. Not respectic other peoples life choices isn’t classy at all.


      2. I’m not talking about the girls that get dressed up to the club. Who doesn’t do that? I’m talking about the girls that post pictures in a thong, bending over, or topless laying in bed, etc. THOSE are the ATTENTION SEEKERS! And who told you having sex is degrading? I totally think you are misunderstanding what I’m saying. We all have sex, it’s a healthy normal thing. And I’m in a meaningful relationship so I know that’s not degrading. I’m a sexual being just like anyone else but I keep it between me and my significant other, not the whole social media network. Basically women should leave something to the imagination. I don’t have to agree with everyone’s life choices, I have my own opinion just like you have yours.


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